Restore for Life is an original holistic light touch integrative therapy

Why light touch?
Light touch works to access and activate the natural intelligence of your own body, enabling it to work efficiently and effortlessly for better overall physical, mental and emotional function.

Is it for me? (Can it help what I have?)
Restore can act as preventative care but can also work directly on a multitude of physical, psychological and developmental conditions, which include (but are not limited to):
• Autism, special needs, learning disabilities, ADD – hyperactivity and other cognitive function
• Acute and chronic illnesses like cancer (during and after treatments), fatigue, neuropathy,  lymphedema, asthma, diabetes, stroke, cerebral palsy, ALS, brain injury, parkinson’s,  muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis (MS), scleroderma and other short or long term problems with immune function, pain, mobility and function
• Depression, anxiety, OCD, stress, PTSD and trauma
• Inflammation, impingements, and injury (like spinal cord injury, burns and broken bones)

For women (not limited to): Pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, labor and delivery
For children (not limited to): help and support for chronic illness, premature babies, asthma, reflux and cystic fibrosis

hat kinds of effects might I notice with Restore?
Benefits include but not limited to, deep relaxation from trauma or stress, better lymphatic function, improve immune system function. increased circulation, fewer neurological impingement, increased physical function, better cognitive function, faster recovery, revitalization, more clarity and increased focus. Clients have noted improvements in depression, anxiety and pain as well as decreased impact of trauma and over all better body function. Other positive results include building stability, improved conscious awareness and decision making, and developing confidence and a positive attitude for personal growth and health.

Sounds great, so how does it work?
The health of every cell in your body depends on the connectivity of the entire system on all levels. Restore uses the natural approach to reconnect and repair all aspects of healthy body function through the meridians, neurological system as well as the fascia, connective tissue and its matrix.

Gentle light touch and your natural energy are the stimulus that ignites a response by the nervous system. In response to the sensation of touch, a wide range of receptors in your skin activate sensory neurons. These neurons then send information up to the part of the brain known as the somatosensory cortex. As these chemical messages flow into the brain, it processes, interprets and responds to those messages by working to make corrections in the area that sent the signal. How can it do that? The somatosensory cortex is a quite large region, but most importantly, every part of the body is directly represented in it, so it’s a complete internal body map. Using special connections between sensory neurons and motor neurons called interneurons, these sensory cells can have effects on muscle movement and function as well. During a session, hundreds of neural receptors are activated, thereby affecting all aspects of your current situation and releases cellular memory.

Moreover, all internal parts of our body from head to toe are encased in fascia and connective tissue, a high-speed full body communication system that can store and process information subconsciously. This is the only system that goes to every cell and every part of your body, which is why working with it through light touch can have such wide ranging effects.

It’s in the subconscious where old thoughts, fears, and bad habits reside. By releasing the continual loop, you now can move forward with an open heart creating better health as a whole cohesive being.
These full body processes explain why something that looks as insufficient as light touch can be so powerful and have extraordinary results on our health and well-being.

But what about my current medical care and doctor?
Restore for Life is an integrative therapy but does not replace your medical doctor. It can accelerate the pace of recovery from an illness, dysfunction or injury, decreasing your down time because you are now getting everything you need to thrive. This safe non-invasive approach allows the body to heal itself naturally, improving your function on all levels. It does not interfere with any medical procedure or medications.

Is this something I can learn, too?
Yes! Restore is a science and a skill that you can learn. We offer private sessions for children, adults and offer two workshops to empower you, so you can support the natural health and well-being of others or someone in need. We make this technique available to everyone by traveling to different locations across the US.