Restore for Life is an original life changing holistic light touch therapy based on a blend of science and ancient wisdom passed down for centuries.

Restore is rooted in knowing how to access and activate the intelligence of your body through gentle light touch, enabling it to work efficiently and effortlessly for better overall body function, physically, mentally and emotionally. Restore can act as preventative care but can also work directly on a multitude of other conditions. These conditions include but are not limited to Autism, during and after Cancer treatments, lymphedema, cognitive function, inflammation, MS, autoimmune disorders, lack of mobility and function, Muscular Dystrophy, illness, learning disabilities, injuries, burns, stroke, disabilities, special needs, ADD, OCD, depression, anxiety, pain, stress, trauma, asthma, diabetes, broken bones and so much more. Some of the benefits are deep relaxation, better lymphatic function, increased circulation, less neurological impingement’s, clarity, increased focus, less trauma, depression, anxiety, pain, building stability, confidence and a positive attitude for personal growth and health.

The health of every cell in your body depends on the connectivity of the entire system on all levels. Restore uses the natural approach to reconnect and repair all aspects of healthy body function through the neurological system, acupuncture points, lymphatic system, fascia and its matrix. Responding to gentle light sensory touch the information goes through a receptor and sent in two different directions. The first direction is through the fascia and connective tissue. This is a high-speed full body communication system that can store and process information subconsciously. It is the only system that goes to every cell and every part of your body. The second direction is through your neurological system, this system is conscious awareness and decision making. The stimulated nerve endings send new informational messages to the brain through neurotransmitters, serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, and substance P create a chain reaction. Your brain now involuntary chemically relaxes the fascia and muscles allowing you to receive more blood, oxygen, chi and nutrients throughout your body to every cell. The increased function resets dysfunctional patterns and releases cellular memory allowing your body to heal itself over a period of days for greater mobility, function and a better quality of life.

Recovery from an illness or injury usually happens at an accelerated pace decreasing your down time because you are now getting everything you need to thrive. This safe non-invasive approach allows the body to heal itself naturally and does not interfere with any medical advice or medications. Restore was designed for better body function on all levels, it compliments but does not replace your medical doctor.

Restore is a science and a skill that you can learn. We offer private sessions for children, adults and offer two workshops to empower you, so you can support the natural health and well-being of others.

(James Oschmen)