Your Session

All sessions are done fully clothed and are uniquely yours for optimal results.   To prepare for your session please wear loose, comfortable clothing as it makes it easier to relax.  After your session you will continue to feel the results for several days as your body readjusts to the changes that were made during your session.  All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Restore is usually a short series of sessions with lasting results.

During your session, you will feel gentle finger pressure in patterns that range from very slow in one location to swiftly moving in another area.  This is because certain areas require more focus for the best results.  You may feel involuntary movements deep inside your body or in an extremity, and different sensations as the impinged area releases.   Many people deeply relax or fall asleep during the session and wake up feeling fabulous, lighter, no or less pain, improved movement, better clarity, increased focus, stress and tension free, and more alive.

Session Pricing

Restore is usually a short series of sessions varying on the individual.  Please plan for an extra 1/2 hour for the pre and post consultation, IN ADDITION to your session time. 

1 hour session   $125

1 1/2 hour session $195

1 1/2 hour remote session $195

Traveling to client, $75 and up, outside an 10 mile radius 

How can I get the therapy I need when I am across the country?
A Restore remote session is quantum physics that underlies how atoms work and how chemistry and biology work together. The electromagnetic spectrum is where EVERYTHING is connected throughout nature, – sound, waves, light; they are all around us. This is how we are all connected and how you will receive the session that supports you right now in the comfort of your own home.


Cancellation Policy

We are making a commitment to you to guarantee your appointment and have refused all other appointments during that time.  For your personal session please give a notice of 48 Hours to reschedule your appointment.  If you need a class date changed please call 48 hours in advance and we will reschedule for a later date.