Restore for Life, Changes Lives

“My 6-year-old son had his first stroke at 3 years old. He was misdiagnosed with a rare disease called CNS vasculitis, and the doctors put him on chemotherapy for almost a year. We learned he never needed chemo, but the chemo damage had already been done. When he was properly diagnosed, we discovered my son needed double bypass brain surgery for a rare disease called Moyamoya. Between his rare disease, chemotherapy, and multiple strokes, we felt we needed some outside of the box therapy. And that is when Susan Burdick came into our lives. I was partly skeptical at first, but after about a month, I noticed my son changing for the better. He walked better (which had been compromised by his strokes), he spoke clearer, but mostly his constant head buzzing/aches started getting better. Most of the time he would be meltdown, cry and his whole day would be shot after one of these incidences. But something Susan did, helped subside these moments to where they became less frequent, and now is finally to a point where it is rare, he gets them. He is happier in spirit, and I truly believe Susan has some gift that changed his outlook and we all as a family have been able to breathe easier (which was not an easy feat). Thank you, Susan, for taking the time, care and love to help my son. Our days are filled with a lot more laughter than before, (again, was no easy feat) …and we believe that a lot of it had to do with you. Thank you, The Lee’s.” CA

“I can’t get enough of Restore for Life! Every time Susan does her light touch therapy on my son with autism, I see big changes. I see more cognitive ability like stopping from riding his bicycle, getting off and standing next to it and waiting for me when he sees me stop and talk to a friend for a minute. I see more social interaction, like him coming downstairs from his room to find me and ask me to do an activity with him. His teachers see more focus, attention and results at school. And I see more presence and more of him “showing” up. There is more of him when I look into his eyes. And there is more of him in his daily activities. We are building a stronger personal relationship together, because more of him is “here” and wanting to spend time with me. Because of all of these amazing changes, I can’t wait to learn this technique so I can do it for my son (and my whole family!) at home….anytime!” J.B, NJ

“Susan Burdick and the Restore Technique were the answer to my prayer to help my 13-year-old son, and I am beyond grateful. He has autism, with minimal, unreliable language and scoliosis. Restore has made significant improvement in both conditions.  Following the very first session, I observed a dramatic reduction in my son’s persevering behaviors. He actually did NOT mention birthdays at all when I spoke with him afterward, an obvious omission because that topic normally came up repetitively in every conversation. My son was also cheerful and calm.
The first three months of wearing the back brace for scoliosis, his spine showed very little improvement and the doctor warned us we were probably looking at a situation where the brace alone was insufficient and surgery would likely be need. I was worried and brought in Susan, so her work would complement his back brace for the next three months until the next exam. The doctor was absolutely stunned at the extraordinary improvement! He smiled and said we now could expect to avoid surgery.
Susan is an earth angel! She has dedicated her life and work to healing people –especially kids with autism who have tough conditions. She never gives up! Susan is an extraordinary human being, with a heart of gold and magical hands!”
H.R., NJ

“It’s been a very difficult time for us for the last two years. My 8-year-old son was hit by a car and because of this he’s had many problems after the accident. One of the most difficult parts was having brain injury. He is always very tired, unable to think clearly and said his head hurts if there was too much activity around him. He wore dark tinted glasses because bright light bothered his eyes. He found it impossible to sit in a chair for any length of time and was unable to think clearly. This was very challenging for him and very frustrating. When I discovered Restore, we decided to give it a try to see if this would help him. I have done many things before and had some progress, but he was still struggling. After only a few sessions with Susan things drastically began to change. He is so much calmer and happier now and his ability to listen is awesome, along with paying attention! The physical therapist now says he is amazing to work with! Even the dentist said so too! He doesn’t have pain anymore and has a lot more energy to last all day. He is now can sit in a chair and participating in classroom activities. I have my boy back again and I’m so happy!.” J.C, NH

“I have a three your old autistic son. In the short time he has been treated by Susan, he has made leaps and bounds. After just the first visit, we started noticing he was more present. Just a few weeks later he started making steady eye contact and excelling faster in his therapies. Family, friends, teachers and therapists all commented on how quickly he was progressing. His motor skills have become stronger and he has started talking. Susan is not only gifted, but truly passionate about what she does.” J.C, MA

“In the short time that my son has been seeing Susan, we’ve already noticed many positive changes. My son is 12 and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a progressive muscle disease that causes the muscles to break down quickly. In order to slow the progression of the disease and maintain his ability to walk for as long as possible, we need to continually stretch his muscles to alleviate painful cramping and tightness. Since we started to come to Susan, we’ve noticed that his muscles are softer and more able to be stretched and that his fingers and toes have become straighter and less curled and tight. We’ve also noticed that he just generally has more energy. The greatest accolade, however, is that my son says he feels that she is helping, he says he feels better! Susan is not only a great practitioner of the body’s energy; she is also incredibly positive and insightful and truly has a gift for healing. We feel incredibly fortunate to have found her!” L.C, NH

“I truly enjoy every session I’ve had with Susan. She is dynamic and smart and really understands the body. Having been paralyzed from the waist down since I was eleven Susan has been an integral part in helping me reconnect my body as I learned to walk again. I am able to have less nerve pain and more mobility and function.” V.A, CT

“Thank you, Susan, for all that you have done for me. I have been living with a serious health problem and you have given me the gift of a positive tomorrow. Restore has touched me both physically and mentally in a way l never thought possible. Your compassion and skill is truly healing on many levels. I am so grateful to you.” C.O, NH

“I am a cancer patient who has had radiation therapy, resulting in severe Edema. Susan worked on my lymphatic system bringing me back to my normal self.” C.L, NH

“I have long suffered from severe depression, anxiety, and migraines. Combined with a stressful, demanding work environment, I was struggling to cope. I had no desire to add any more medications to my daily regimen, but I needed to do something. I decided to give “Restore” a try. After just two sessions, I felt better than I had in years and I was even able to go to the movie theater, something that would have sent me spiraling into a panic attack only a few months earlier!” M.B, NH

“I was worn down by pain when I contacted Susan having been diagnosed with a severe shoulder problem. My surgeon told me to contact him when I couldn’t stand the pain anymore. Then I found Susan; her “Restore” session changed my life by removing all the intense pain and it helped the tears in my shoulder to heal faster. It provided me with increased mobility and a brighter outlook on life. Susan is a truly talented healer who has recharged my life. I will always be grateful.” L.E, ME

“I started Having Pain in my upper abdomen for about a week. I went to my Primary care doctor and he said the pain was a result of my gall bladder acting up. I immediately went to Susan for a half hour and the next day I knew that what I had wrong with my gall bladder disappeared and I was no longer in pain.” S.L, ME

“Susan is a wonderful, warm practitioner who takes time to listen and a very talented. I went to see her after breaking my ankle in 3 places, and quickly I was able to go from crutches to walking without the boot, which took a day rather than a two-week process. I got cleared from the surgeon, my scars are healing much faster and after seeing her three times I went completely off pain medicine. On a side note, other old trauma in my body was also released during the sessions. I look forward to going back to her very soon, it’s incredibly relaxing and I feel fantastic”. K.G, NH

“Since my wife Heather’s mastectomy in 2013, she has been suffering from lymphedema and had tried just about everything to make it better. She wore a compression sleeve, had lymph drainage massages, had cupping massages, gave herself lymph drainage massages twice a day, she had PT visit after PT visit and even cut back her sodium intake. It all helped a little bit. Then we ran into Susan and after about 5 visits, Heather is at about 99%. (she now needs to strengthen the muscles in her arm). Susan helps people with other conditions too, see if she could help you or someone you care about.” B.L, NH

“My experience with Susan has been fantastic. She is very kind, listens well, and is very empathetic. She has enabled me to function without a compression sleeve after 4 years of dealing with post-mastectomy lymphedema. She has helped with the trauma of treatment and with my cognitive function that was impacted by chemotherapy”. H.S, NH

“I had limited movement in my left arm due to a mastectomy from Breast Cancer. I also suffered with lymphedema, pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety and trouble sleeping. I received 8 sessions with Susan and all my Issues were happily resolved! I feel very fortunate to have found her and will always recommend her to my friends and family”. T.R, MA

“I first started seeing Susan about three years ago. I went to her for an overall feeling of well-being and to help with my MS symptoms. I was thrilled with the results and the way her RESTORE technique made me feel. It was amazing!!!! In September of 2016 my world changed with a breast cancer diagnosis. I went through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Susan was such a God send during my treatment. I could go to her with confidence knowing that I always felt better after and that nothing I was doing would interfere with my treatments. I was trying to balance my MS during treatments as well. Lymphedema, neuropathy, overall lymphatic drainage, emotional well-being. Susan helped me with all these things. Susan has an amazing gift and I feel so blessed to have her on my team. I am thriving and feeling well and happy!” D.M, NH