Susan Burdick

Susan Burdick, founder of Restore for LifeThe Restore for Life system was developed on May 15, 2012 in New Hampshire by Susan Burdick.  The foundational structure, innovative application, and proven results are what sets Restore for Life apart from the rest.  It was the passion and compassion to support people in a meaningful way that became the driving force to develop Restore for Life and the Two Light Touch Therapy Workshops.  Traveling and teaching across the country makes this  extraordinary therapy accessible to everyone.


Susan is an approved provider for educational contact hours for nurses and massage therapists and has dedicated her life to supporting everyone for personal growth and health.  At Restore, we believe there is no greater reward than seeing the faces of our trained students as they realize they can make a difference in someone’s life using the Restore for Life system.  In her office Susan specializes and enjoys working with the children,  young adults and their families.  You are a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being, and all have to be balanced to be healthy.  Susan has studied many forms of natural  health and has worked at Portsmouth Regional Hospital in NH.  She is licensed in NH and MA  under a Bodywork LMT license, In addition to developing lymphatic Restore for people with Lymphedema.